Student Council

Student Council for 2019-2020

Sr. No. Name of Person Designation
1 Dr. (Mrs). Savita J. Tauro Chairperson
2 Mr. Amol Gholap N.S.S. Programme Officer
3 Mr. Aaron Taites Student Member (U.R)
4 Ms. Nilamkumari Khandelwal Secretary
5 Mr. Udit Poojary Treasurer
6 Ms. Payal Tiwari Student Member (Cultural)
7 Ms. Sanika Raut Student Member (Sports)
8 Mr. Christopher D’souza Student Member (Technical events)
9 Mr. Rinkesh Patel Student Member (Magazine)
10 Ms. Anamika Yadav Student Member (Ladies)
11 Mr. Rahul Parmar Student Member (D. Pharm.)
12 Ms. Afrin Ansari Student Member (M. Pharm.)
13 Mr. Ashokkumar Gupt Student Member (N.S.S.)

Class Representative

1 Ms. Afreen Ansari M. Pharm.-I
2 Ms. Jyoti Thakur M. Pharm. - II
3 Ms. Nikita Pise Final Year B. Pharm.-I
4 Ms. Samiksha Singh Final Year B. Pharm. - II
5 Mr. Tushar Singh Third Year B. Pharm. -I
6 Mr. Mukesh Choudhary Third Year B. Pharm. - II
7 Ms. Soni Chauhan Second Year B. Pharm. -I
8 Ms. Vaishnavi Yadav Second Year B. Pharm. - II
9 Ms. Showkiya Khan First Year B. Pharm. -I
10 Ms. Tejal Parab First Year B. Pharm. - II
11 Ms. Kavita Kharwa First Year D. Pharm. -I
12 Ms. Pinky Choudhary Second Year D. Pharm.

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