Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures conducted during the Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. IPR Certification course by Mr. Benedict Mascarenhas, Chairman and Managing Director, Envis BE Solutions P\,1. Ltd. Mumbai, 23rd to 25th June, 2021

Guest Lectures conducted during the Academic Year 2021-2022

  1. IPR Awareness workshop by Mrs. Pooja Vishal Maulikar, Examiner of Patents and Designs. RGNIIPM, Nagpur offered through NIPAM and KAPILA.15th July, 2021
  2. Regulatory Affairs from Research to post approval the guest lecture by Mr. Ajay Chavan, Sr. Officer, Global Regulatory Affairs, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Andheri, Mumbai. The lecture was conducted on Monday, 8thNovember, 2021
  3. Entrepreneurship development Mr. Albert W. D'souza, Chairman, Aldel Education Trust, Palghar. The lecture was conducted on Tuesday 23rd March, 2022
  4. Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sector (Entrepreneurship) by Mr. Bhalchandra Habade, Director of HRW Organics Pvt. Ltd. Nashik, 29th 2022
  5. Out of the box thinking for problem solving (Entrepreneurship) by Pro. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT, Madras, 28th July 2022

Guest Lectures conducted during the Academic Year 2019-2020

  1. ‘Entrepreneurship’ by Mr. Albert W. D’Souza Chairman, Aldel Education Trust and Printania Offset Pvt. Ltd. 3rd March 2020.
  2. ‘Development of Entrepreneurship Skills’ by Mr. Albert W. D’Souza Chairman, Aldel Education Trust and Printania Offset Pvt. Ltd. 2nd March 2020.
  3. ‘Career Counselling and Guidance on MBA Admissions’ by Ms. Pallavi Shrivastava, Assistant Professor, SJCEM. 3rd February 2020.
  4. ‘An Overview on Pharmacist License Process’ by Mrs. Minal Babrekar Technical In-charge, Aldel Research & Testing Laboratory. 20th February 2020.
  5. ‘An Overview of Drug House Management’ by Mr. Dilip Jain Proprietor and Registered Pharmacist, 28th December 2019.
  6. ‘Future Perspectives of Diploma Students and Career Opportunities’ by Mr. Vaibhav Bamboli Alumni (2015-16) Currently in Final Year B. Pharm at BCP, Mumbai, 30th December 2019.
  7. ‘Regulatory Affairs’ by Mr. Vishwa Rao, Regulatory Manager Mac-Chem Products India Pvt. Ltd, Boisar on 19th October 2019.
  8. ‘Safe and Effective Medicines for all’ by Mr. Mahesh Deodhar, Sr. Production Manager, Korten Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd., Palghar 25th September 2019.
  9. ‘Hospital Administration’ by Dr. Mahesh Bhanushali, Director and Hospital Administrator, Sanjivani Hospital, Boisar on 28th September 2019
  10. ‘Measures to prevent Women trafficking’ (Organised by NSS) by Mr. Sachin Urade, NSS Co-ordinator, St. John Technical Campus on 11th March 2019.
  11. ‘Career Opportunities in Pharmacy’ Mr. Shashank Tripathi, Alumni 2016-2017 Batch MBA Pharma Marketing, NIPER 20th February 2019.
  12. ‘Communication Skills – for the Marketing Professional’ by Dr. Sumantoke Bagchi, CEO, Agamya Pharma Communication LLP, Vikhroli on 9th February 2019.
  13. ‘Future Perspectives of Diploma Pharmacy Students & Career Opportunities’ by Ms. Yuga Puranik, Alumni 2014-15 Batch Pharmacist, Puranik Medical Store, Palghar on 4th February 2019.
IMG-20191210-WA0006 (1)
‘Current Scenario of Dermatological Market’ by Mr. Sanjay Sahu, Managing Director, NAOS Skin Care India Pvt. Ltd. 7th December 2019.
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‘Drug Regulatory Affairs’ by Mrs. Anagha Maharao, Principle Instructor and Director, Institute of Pharmaceutical Management, Thane 11th October 2019.
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‘A Day in the Life of a DMPK Scientist’ by Dr. Vinayak Hosagrahara, Director, NCE Discovery, EMD Serrono Inc, Boston, USA 26th September 2019.
IMG-20190322-WA0020 (1)
‘Nutrition and the Women’s Health Cycle’ (Organised by Women Development Cell) by Dr. Snehal Wad Joshi, Dietician, Dhawale Memorial Hospital, Palghar on11th March 2019.
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‘Self-Motivation’ by Mrs. Snehalata Athaide, Counsellor, St. John Technical Campus on 9th August 2019.
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‘New Products & Applications in Capsule’ Dr Jnanadeva Bhatt, General Manager Product Development, Ms. Ankita Solanki, Senior Executive, Ms. Dorrene Almeida, Senior Executive & Alumni 2011-2012 Batch, Ms. Urmi Das, Executive Team from ACG, Kandivali, Mumbai on 4th February 2019.

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