Dr. Navnath T. Hatvate


Dr. Navnath T. Hatvate




Qualification B. Pharm. Sc., M. Pharm., Ph.D. (Tech)
Designation Assistant Professor
Specialization Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Academic Experience 1 Year
· St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Palghar (2019 onwards)
Research Experience · Junior Research Fellowship (UGC-BSR) (2015-2017)
· Senior Research Fellowship, (UGC-BSR) (2017-2019)
Areas of Interest · Development of Novel methodologies for API Intermediates synthesis
· Design and Synthesis of novel Compounds as antimicrobial and Anti-TB agents.
· Computer aided drug design
Subjects Taught · Organic Chemistry
· Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
Presentations International : – 1
National : – 0
· Navnath Hatvate, Kavit Patel, Vikas Telvekar, 6th international symposium on current trends in discovery and research held at CSIR-CDRI, Lukhnow. (February 2016)
Publications International : – 06
National : – 0
1. NT Hatvate, SM Ghodse, VN Telvekar, Metal free synthesis of pyrimidinone derivatives via Biginelli reaction using aqueous NaICl2. Letters in organic Chemistry. (In Press)

2. YU Gadkari, NT Hatvate, BS Takale, VN Telvekar, Concentrated solar radiation as a renewable heat source for a preparative-scale and solvent-free Biginelli reaction. New Journal of Chemistry. 2020; 44; 8167-8170.

3. NT Hatvate, SM Ghodse, VN Telvekar, ZSM-5 catalyzed one pot three-component synthesis of 5-substituted-1H-tetrazoles from aldehyde. Synthetic communication. 2018; 49 (24); 3553-3559.

4. NT Hatvate, SM Ghodse, VN Telvekar, transition metal free large-scale synthesis of aromatic vinyl chlorides from aromatic vinyl carboxylic acids using bleach,2018 59 (43), 3892-3894.

5. SM Ghodse, NT Hatvate, BS Takale,  VN Telvekar, Dual Utility of Heterogeneous Catalyst ZSM‐5 for C–C Cleavage Leading to Nitriles, and for the Synthesis of Hydrazides

6. NT Hatvate, SM Ghodse, VN Telvekar, Metal-free synthesis of 2-aminothiadiazoles via TBHP-Mediated oxidative C-S bond formation. Synthetic Communications. 2018; 48 (3); 285-290.

Professional Memberships · Regd. Pharmacist, No. 103990 with Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council
· UDCT alumina association (Life Member)
Achievements 1. Secured an All India Rank 42 in GPAT 2012 exam conducted by M.S. Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat

2. Secured an All India Rank 304 in NIPER JEE exam 2012 conducted by NIPER, Mohali, Punjab

3. Qualified GPAT 2011 exam in 3rd Year B. Pharm conducted by M.S. Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat

4. Secured 1st rank in ICT PhD Entrance Exam 2014 in Pharmaceutical Chemistry conducted by institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

5. Awarded UGC-BSR fellowship  for the Ph.D. studies at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (Funding agency: UGC)

6. Awarded a PG Scholarship for master studies. (Funding agency: UGC)

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