Dr. Bharat V. Dhokchawle


Dr. Bharat V. Dhokchawle



Qualification B. Pharm., M. Pharm., Ph.D.
Designation Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Specialization Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Academic Experience 16 Years
· S N D College of Pharmacy, Yeola
·St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Palghar (2011 onwards)
Research Experience · Junior Research Fellowship (AICTE) (2005-2007)
Areas of Interest · Colon Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Using Natural Gums
· Prodrug Synthesis
· Dissolution Enhancement of Poorly soluble drugs
Subjects Taught · Organic Chemistry
· Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry
· Quality Management Systems
· Pharmaceutical Quality Management
Presentations International: – 4
National: – 1
1.Bharat Dhokchawle, Savita Tauro, Avinash Barchha, Meeta Jain
“Activities Beyond Curriculum for Improvement in Programme Outcome Attainment” Challenges and Opportunities in Outcome Based Accreditation, 4th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA), NBA, Delhi, 7th – 9th September, 20182. Savita Tauro, Bharat Dhokchawle, Avinash Barchha, Meeta Jain
“An Approach to the Evaluation of Program Outcomes” Quality Assurance through Outcome Based Accreditation 3rd World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA), NBA, Delhi, 18th – 20th March 2016

3. Avinash Barchha, Savita Tauro, Bharat Dhokchawle, Meeta Jain
“Rubrics: A Reliable Tool for Assessing the Attainment of Program Outcomes”
Quality Assurance through Outcome Based Accreditation 3rd World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA), NBA, Delhi, 18th – 20th March 2016

4. Bharat Dhokchawle & Savita Tauro
“Synthesis, Hydrolysis Kinetics and Pharmacological Evaluation of Aceclofenac prodrugs”
Emerging Trends in Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Sciences, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, 15-17 October 2014

5. Bharat Dhokchawle & Anil Bhandari
“Synthesis, Hydrolysis Kinetics and Pharmacological Evaluation of mefenamic acid prodrugs” Structural Elucidation of bioactive compounds, Sinhgad Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences [SIPS], Lonavala Pune, 05-07 December 2013

Publications International – 07
National – 06
1. More Apoorva, Dhokchawle B. V., Tauro S. J., Kulkarni S. S. Lipid as an excipient for design and development of formulations. Indian Drugs. Manuscript No. 12199. (In press)

2. Asirvatham S., Dhokchawle B. V., Tauro S. J. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships studies of Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs: A Review. Arabian Journal of Chemistry. 2019;12(8):3948-3962.

3. Dhokchawle B. V., Asirvatham S, Tauro S. J. Synthesis and evaluation of Naproxen Ester Prodrugs. Indian Drugs. 2019;56(1):25-31.

4. Dhokchawle B.V., Tauro S.J, Bhandari A. B. Ester prodrugs of ketoprofen: Synthesis, hydrolysis kinetics and pharmacological evaluation. Drug Research. 2016; 66:46-50.

5. Dhokchawle B.V., Gawad J.B., Tauro S. J., Kamble M. D., Bhandari A. B. Promoieties used in prodrug design: A review. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. 2014;48 (2):67-714

6. Dhokchawle B.V., Tauro S. J., Kamble M. D. Synthesis, Spectral Studies, Hydrolysis Kinetic & Pharmacodynamic profile of Mefenamic Acid Prodrug. Der Pharma Chemica, Scholars Research Library. 2014;6(3):347-353.

7. Dhokchawle B.V., Tauro S.J., Bhandari A. B. Amorphous pharmaceutical solids: A Review. Indian Drugs. 2013;50(7):15-196.

8. Bharati D. K., Dhokchawle B.V., Translational Pharmacology: A new approach to drug discovery. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics. 2014; 03 (02): 1-6.

9. Dhokchawle B.V., Kamble M. D., Formulation and evaluation of transdermal drug delivery system of atenolol using chitosan. 2014;51(4):36-41.

10. Dhokchawle B.V., Bhandari A. B., Tauro S J., Preparation and Characterization of amorphous cefuroxime axetil. Indian drugs. 2013;50(10):53-61

11. Sandip.S. Kshirsagar, Bharat. V. Dhokchawle, S.S. Shinde, C. Thakare, H Shewale V. R. Shinde. Synthesis and Pharmacological Screening of novel
6-methyl-2-oxo-4-substituted-5-(5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2yl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine. Biotechnology Bioscience Research Asia. 2008; 5 (1):  1-7.

Research Grants 1. University of Mumbai, A. Y. 2013-14, for “Synthesis and evaluation of novel prodrugs”
2. University of Mumbai, A. Y. 2017-18, for “Crystal Engineered Phytoconstituents: Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation
Professional Memberships · Regd. Pharmacist, No. 123877 with Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council
· Indian Pharmaceutical Association (Life Member)
· Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (Life Member)
· Indian Society for Technical Education (Life Member)

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