Science Fest 2018

Science Fest 2018

Science Fest is a technical activity organized by Aldel Education Trust every year since 2014. This activity is scheduled every year on 25th and 26th January. In this activity  our students are exhibiting their ideas in the form of projects and live model. Participant students are awarded with certificate. The exhibition is open to all without any charge.

The main objective behind organizing this Technical Fest is to provide a platform to our students to implement their imagination in the form of live models. It will enhance their creativity, confidence, presentation skill.

In this year Science Fest 2018 was inaugurated by Mr. Manjunath Singe Superintendent of Police, Palghar, Albert W. D’Souza Chairman Aldel Education Trust, Mrs. Elvina D’souza Secretary Aldel Education Trust, Mrs. Savita Tauro Deputy Campus Director, Dr. Gopal V. Mulgund Principal  St. John College of Engineering and Management. Mr. K. K. Shetty Genral Manager. Science Fest 2018 was coordinated by Mr. Shivaji Shelar and Mr.Tushar Chaudhari from Engineering section and was supported by Mr. K. K. Shetty.

Total outside visitors for Science Fest 2018 were 2979.

Along with science projects  a Contraption event was also organized by a group of students.

Contraption is a set of stages that are linked to each other by different ways. It is a system or setup consisting of complicated stages which displays  various forms of energy transformation. In this, one link at start is given an actuation initially and rest of actuations  are done by its own. This consist of energies like kinetic energy, potential energy, hydraulic, electrical, wind and elastic.

The Science fest 2018 was truly a crowd pulling event and the entire campus was vibrant for these two days.

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