Research Grants 2016-2017


Name of the Investigator Project Title Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (Rs)
Dr. Savita J. Tauro Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Anticancer Scaffold. University of Mumbai 30,000/-
Dr. Govind Asane Development of Mucoadhesive Particulate System for Eradication of H-Pylori. University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Mr. Milind Kamble In Vitro enhancement of anticancer activity of BCS Class-II drug by polymer based Nanosponge formulation. University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Mr. Abhijeet Puri Synthesis, Characterise and application of cationic modified Banana starch as flocculating agent. University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Mrs. Vrushali Gokhale Isolation, Characterise and evaluate Hibiscus rosusinensis leaves mucilage as suspending agent. University of Mumbai 26,000/-
Dr. Galvina Pereira Extraction of betalins from beet root and Bougainvillea, Preparation of its pigment lakes for application in Pharmaceutical formulations. University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Mrs. Deepali Nahar Synthesis of Quorum sensing inhibitors: A promising strategy to combat bacterial infections and pathogenicity. University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Mrs. Meeta Jain Design, Development and Characterise Gastro-retentive Mucoadhesive tablets of Riboflavin. University of Mumbai 16,000/-

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