Research Grants 2013-2014


Name of the Investigator Project Title Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (Rs)
Dr. Norma L. Rebello In vitro screening of the sunscreen activity, Photostability and the formulation development of Manilkara zapota leaves extract. University of Mumbai 10,000/-
Mr. Pradeep Bawane In-vitro Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic activity of Polyherbal Extracts using Bioenhancer. University of Mumbai 10,000
Mr. Bharat Dhokchawle Synthesis and Characterization of Novel NSAID Prodrugs University of Mumbai 25,000
Mr. Milind Kamble Dissolution enhancement of BCS Class II Drugs by solid dispersion. University of Mumbai 25,000
Mr. Abhijeet V. Puri Isolation and Evaluation of Starch from unripe Banana and its use in formulation of dispersible Lornoxicam tablet University of Mumbai 25,000
Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi Development and validation of stability indicating liquid chromatographic assay methods University of Mumbai 10,000

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