Symphoria 2020-21

Symphoria 2021

The Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry is a highly innovative industry, moving forward with research and development not only in the formulation of beauty products but also in the study of customer behaviour and their preferences for newer, better and safer cosmetic products. Companies need to continually evolve with today’s challenging skincare requirements and demands for simple and smarter cosmetic products for everyday use. The 21st century will mark a whole new frontier for scientific advancement in skincare products.

The global cosmetics market is steadily rising, with the CAGR of 5.6% expected during 2021-2028 owing to the propelling demand from the millennial population who are increasingly becoming aware of health and beauty and have an increasing urge to find cures and solutions related to Skin, Hair, Scalp and Facial beauty issues. Recently cosmetic industries are focusing on innovations such as Specialty excipients, Texture enhancers, Microbiome process, Bioengineered ingredients, Anti-aging products, Zero Waste beauty products and Waterless Beauty. Symphoria 2021 will bring to light innovations where sales of cosmetic and dermatological products have been growing through the use of different technologies and discuss the opportunities and challenges faced during the pandemic time as well as the way forward in the new normalcy phase.

A wide range of newer excipients for cosmetic formulations is also one of the biggest innovations recently developed for beauty products. What factors tempt as well as urge customers to seek cosmetic products? What motivations and expectations lead people to go for certain brands/ skin treatments? Understanding the consumers will thus be a key factor in developing the right and desired cosmeceutical. Customer’s choice can come from personal preferences, cost, psychological/social/practical needs of the individual.

Thus the need for eco-friendly and affordable cosmetics, their sensorial evaluation tools, insights on various alternative methods for cosmetic testing, how companies make claims on their product for advertisement, based on the performance assessment and newer trend of herbal cosmetics shall be addressed on a common platform by the eminent resource persons. The Symposium will give an industrial view covering all aspects of the journey of a cosmetic product right from the selection of formula, to scaling up and sending the finished cosmetic product to the market.

Symphoria 2020-21

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