Ms. Rebecca Lewis






It’s a human tendency that when things go far away from us, we begin valuing them all the more!! Hence, a word of gratitude for allowing me to pen down, my ‘Alumni Speak’.

2015-19 has been a rollercoaster ride, from being tagged the most notorious batch, to being loved the most, we evolved!! Huge respect & gratitude to our Principal ma’am, Faculties & Non-teaching Staff for always guiding us. One thing I’d like to tell my juniors is, always be at par & updated with the daily happenings/news about the Pharma Industry, whether through journals or electronically. Never hesitate to approach our dear Professors for any help required; they’re our backbone! Always know that whatever they do is definitely for our good. Believe me, once you place your trust in them, you’ll have the best bonding a Professor & Student can ever have, which you’ll cherish forever. Lastly, let’s get together & make Pharmacy a much more respectable Profession by working hard in the correct path.

Trainee Officer,
Regulatory Affairs,
at FDC Ltd.,
Andheri, Mumbai

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